Tuesday, 16 April 2013

two durable solution


two durable solution

  Liberian refugee expressed dissatisfaction over the Two durable solution offer by UNHCR Ghana.

United Nation High Commission For Refugee(UNHCR Inform the Liberian refugee that June 30/2012 the cessation clause will take effect for Liberian refugee in Ghana,the UNHCR. also add after the 30 June the Liberian refugee status will come to an end, and that Liberian refugee who wise to stay in Ghana need to have document form the government of Ghana. Refugee was inform on march1/2012 that the only durable solution for Liberian refugee is repatriation and local  integration, refugee was also inform if they do not return to Liberian  by the end of April, they will be force to integrate in to the Ghana community, many of the Liberian refugee express dissatisfaction over the two durable solution pass by UNHCR Ghana. ,refugee believe the two durable solution UNHCR Ghana is giving has force them to choice repatriation or local integration, many of the refuge who has fear of returning to Liberian has fearfully excepted local integration while other say it is better for them to die in Liberian then to star in Ghana and die of suffering.some  refugee believe cessation clause are legal provision that indicate when refugee status come to an end this law is found in article 1(4)of the 1951convention relating to the status of refugee an (1c)many of the refugee who choice  to stay in Ghana say   they was force by the UNHCR two durable solution while other refugee was also misled by few people that if they take local integration they will travel out of Ghana. Many people who toke repartition to Liberian did not have the mine of return to Liberian.The fear which they has that if they star after the cessation they will not have protection form Ghana government or UNHCR.The Liberian Refugee who also toke repatriation did not make this  choice because the  UNHCR. Ghana increase the refugee travel gran
Some Liberian refugee wrote while other did not wrote but told to the UNHCE Ghana  That they had the fear of returning to their country Liberia and also had the fear of staying in Ghana.These Refugee are asking UNHCR to sent them to an other third country of asylum.These refugee believe Third country is the bust option for them.these refugee who are asking for third country believe Durable solution is any mean by which the situation of refugee can be satisfactorily and permanently resolved to enable them to live norms  live this can include voluntary repatriation and local integration and resettlement some refugee in Ghana believe once the three durable solution is not met the cessation clause can not meet them. These refugee believe they will continue to be refugee tell the three durable solution is put in place by the UNHCR Ghana

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