Tuesday, 16 April 2013

 Liberia Refugee star have fear that Ghana polices could come to forcedly arrest them out off the Buduburam refugee camp.

  In regard to the incident that toke place at the Buduburam refugee camp, 2.000 when woman and children who was arrest and taken to kotiabal as regard to their peaceful demonstrations.  Refugee are saying there do not want to under go search incident any more. Many Refugees have fear that they are mix with other national at the Buduburam refugees’ camp.
The 12zone leader has observed that some refugee who did not register by the Unity Nation High Commission for Refugees UNHCR to be called refugee are causing serious problem on the refugee camp.
According to James kolles when he came on the refugee camp from Liberian he want to the UNHCR office to have himself register for the UNHCR ID card, but the UNHCR did denied him. ,’, since I came on the refugee came I have not cause problem one day and I will not do it because I m a Liberian and do have my people here
 The behavior of these refugee are picturing the image of the enter Liberia refugee bad. These refugee whose did not undergo the general registration process where not present at the time of the  registration other who was present refuse to undergo thought the process and said that they were not refugee.
The welfare council along with the 12 zone leader had investigated the situation and has come up with a result to solve the long listing problem on the refugee camp. The 12zone leader are now saying sent the Ghanaian election are coming December. The want to make sure foreign national that live on the camp leave. The reason is other national that favor ndc or npp could come among them wearing the election T shirts, and if the other Ghana partisan see those people may think it is a refugee taking part in their election.
According to mr aswin topa they are telling refugee not to have thing to do with the election that are on the way.
The 12 zone leader are having meeting with all zone resident informing them not to give their house to any foreign national when returning to Liberian. The foreign national that are all really living on the camp will be remove by the 12 zone leader. The12zone leader are going to the Government of Ghana to remove those foreign. The government of Ghana told the welfare council only Liberian refugee they known to be living on the Buduburam refugee camp and not other national. The Ghana government believes when problem occurred on the camp the Liberian refugees are responsible for it.
About 25 refugees if the 12 zone leaders are going to remove foreign national form the Buduburam camp they are not going to stop the 12zone leader, because they do not know the mine of these foreign national. These 25refugee went for the 12zone leader to continue what they have started, but they want it to be done in the right way so that it can’t bring confusions among them. These 25 refugee whose are supporting the idea of the 12 zone leader believe few refugee are in relationship with these foreign national, and are bring them on the camp
Foreign national whose have their document believe they are free to live any part of Ghana working trade and make business. They believe when getting their document form the government of Ghana the Government did not tell them and can’t tell them which part of Ghana to live. As long they have not been found doing harm in the communities they are free to live in any parts of Ghana
According to David Kumara he is happy doing business on the refugee camp, because his business is improving greatly.
‘,’I have no other area to go now to make my business if I want to go other area to make it will take me time, business I will have to first studies the place where I m  taking my business.

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  1. those Liberian refugee who did not take part in the unhcr integration program, are waiting for unhcr to fine the next durable solution for them in an other country.