Wednesday, 17 April 2013

45 year on man senten to preson


                  A 45 year old minals farmer was senten to life time in presonment for killing his 12 year old son.

james family call upon him saying that james mother was sick and that they want him to come over so that they can discause on how best they could sent jame mother to the hospital.upon the call jame has to travel with out delay so that in can get there with in time.As relating to the algen nature of the call jame say he have to call his 12year old son and warn hem to take good care of the aminals in the farm,''I call my son and did warn him say make sure you the give the aminal food in the fam and after make sure do not forget to lock the fam,''said jame.The raising of the aminals was the only mean james and his son was living upon,which he also let his son to know befor leaving,''I tell my son this is the only aminals raise we are doing to live,''I want you to make sure to take good care of our aminale tell i come back,''sad jame.
James love raising aminals and aminals jame had in his fam inclue reber, goad, chichken,james work hard to get the aminals food every day,andjames have to walk one 1) hour ever day to get food for his aminals,''I alway tough on making sure the our aminals have enough food if not enough food the aminals will die and those big want will want to jump out of the fam.
james Sister call upon him to travel to them in Accra because his mother was seriouly sick.james was not want to delay because of the ugen nature of the call.james call his12year old sone and let him know that his sister has him informing him that his mother is sick and that he will haveto trave the next day to accra.jame advice his son to make sure to take good care of the aminals and to not forget to close the fam after giving the aminlas their food.james also let his son know only the raise of the aminals they were been feel form,''I remained my 12 year old son when ever we do not have money is the big aminals we sell to get mony for food make sure you look at the aminals well.
james came back he found out that the aminals he left in the fam was not the same amount and most of the aminals was not in good condition.james call his son and did ask him where is the other aminals;jame son let him know that when he give the aminals food he was told that the people have open the pumb so in then forget to lock the fam,''I was runing to get water befor many people get to the pumb'',said james son to his father.
james son return back some of the aminals jump out of the fam and run in the bush.james house is not far form the bust where the aminals ren.The Totle nember of Aminals james left in the fam befor traveling to the call of his Sister was 500.
James get angry with is son when his son told him i forget to lock the the fam.jame then wanter to hold on to his son to beet him when his son ren form him.
james them told his son if you do not look for the aminals to get them back into the fam you will see what will happen to you,''the time my son ren form me i could not get him i when in and toke wine and has a sleep because my heat west beeting fast,''said jame.As james week up form bet he form out that his heat was beeting with worry because those aminals that run out of the fam was aminals that theycould sell to get good amount of money to live on for two money,''I was thinking where i was going to get money to buy food for the house,''and the only big aminals i was thinkon to sell was that which ren away,''said james.
The totle mumber of aminals that left form the fam are Ten (10) of the the aminals that left out of the fan inclue two (2)Goat Five (5)three (3)rebber chicken. James son return home 9pm at night to have a sleep,as james son enter his room james then rent and hit on the door and force the door open and told his son have you found the aminals his son told him.jame toke stick and hit his son with it his son was forceing to leave form his present to jump out of the room when he tolk thebig knit hit his son with it his son bleed to death.james then run and inform his son that he have kill his the police get to the same james son was alreadly deal. the police then ask jame; why did you kill your son?I was angry and not to myself and my son was run away form my present,''said jame.The police arrested james and toke him in the preson at the police station.james spand Three (3)day and jame was then was taken to the court.james was jaw and found gillted for killing his son and jame then was sent to life inpresonment.

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