Tuesday, 16 April 2013

John o paye is one of the people involved with the non-governmental organization (NGO) estalished to help children in the buduburam refugge camp.
Twenty seven year old paye who was born in totota ong county Liberia was once married and had three children he does not know the whereabouts of his wwife or children due to the civil war when the war';when the war took place in liberia my wife and children departed from me, ''he said. ''since then i have not seen them or heard from them.''
Allthough he is separated from his own children he spends his life trying to help other children in need.
The mission of his organization,Advocate children international (ACI)advocates for the basic rightss of children to live freely as human beings under the united nation convention. Tmission of Aci also covers advocating for the right of children to education health care shelter care and support.
paye has been working with about eight schools in buduburam in partnership with the carolyn A miller Elementary school to see to it that children receive free education
The schools are Tika Golden Gge Academy Dalefeder Wirtz Christian childrren's Home joy
F o u n d a t i o n.
international buduburam a primary A and B and JSS, Blessed Westom institute (EWI) buduburam community high school, victory christian Academy andcarolyn A MIller Elementary school
paye's love for children is reflected in his deep commitment to ACI,despite some challenges.it is difficult for me to respond to those of the upper levels, ''he said.''Because of the lect of funding,many students from the higher vocational schools junior colleges and universities cannot be sponsored by AcI which is very disheartening.'' one of the most important things ACI is doing is providing HIV/AID education to children in schools and communities.
my team is also involved with HIV/AIDeducation in buduburam refugee community through the assistance of the Ghana foundation for Human development (GFHD),''said pay.''we also have a public awareness forum to educate peoplle on the protedtion of children rights.''
The vission of pay is to take his NGO to liberia,so children who are victims of child rights abuse can get help ''I will like to estalish orphanges for childrenwho do not have parents and abandoned children as the result of the civil crisis,''he said ACI carries out its activities with the able staff of 50 people,people who are all volunteers.''my volunteers are very hard working,''said paye.All the time i encourage them and so they are seriously working to make sure those children that are identifier can have help'.
M a t t h e w maximillian, a relief officer said that the organisation is very fine when it comes to taking care of children.''I will like to go back to liberia if the ACI organization is taking me with them,''he said.i cannot go back because thee is nothing i am depending on to sustain me when i get there.''maximillian said one of the ways they identify the needy children is by going into the communities to get them. He has identified about 150 cases,
''I go into the communities and find out the needs of the children This is done by asking about their mother and father.Also the condition of them and further on by looking at the condition of the children as well.''
Deborah Mtoe has been with the ACI for two year, she said that the plan of the organisation is to bring up children well,''ceborah Mtoe has been with the ACI for two years. she said that the plan of the organisation is to bring up children well,to be good citizens for the betterment of Liberia and in the communities. She said it had been her dream to take care of children and now being with such an organisation,who will satisfy her dreams,she feels happy

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