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Attheal shop is the place of Hope

The attheal shop was establish by liberian refugee 2000. 80% of Liberian refugee love the attheal shop. The attheal shop are place where where all foot ball game are witch and discuse.The attheal shop are place where Liberian refugee who do not know about the football game come to learn about the foot came.these people learn about the football game when other people who know the game discusing about the game.
The attheal is a green chining tea boil and sell at the attheal shop.the chine tea call attheal are boil and sell in cup for 20 Ghana pc. those that drink the attheal call chine tea have different reason, The member say it make some of them stond while it couse other not to sleep.
the attheal shop was extable to incorage and interact with liberian refugee. The a
theal shop is the place where liberian rfugee come to incorrage themself,The liberian refugee incorrage them self by paying chicker,by discousing about the game,by witching football game that has been play around the world,All attheal shop member are supporter of a football team.These attheal shop member come to support their football team whenever their team been play.
refugee have television at their home these refugee believe without looking at the game at the attheal shop it will not bring them happyness,''we the memberof the attheal shop come at the attheal shop to incorrage friend who do not have hope and, televission at home, ''said Poul David.
,'' we have found the attheal shop into a club which is called the attheal club of buduburam,''said Solomon leader.The attheal club do aslo invited other advance knowledgeable person to educated their member and other camp resident. The attheal club also bring out some inportain informantion, subjection, and inplemention that related to the development of the people of buduburam camp.
The attheal shop was also found into a club to address the need of the attheal shop, member and the refugee camp.The attheal shop has found three group,the political group,the chicker group, and the foot ball group, the chairment of the attheal shop are chairmen which are choice form the political group.The political group hold meeting and chair by the chairment of the political group.The chairment are there to recieve guest vistor and to hold group meeting to welcome their vistor or guest,
The chicker group are there to have it leader and he is respondsible to control the chicker board,''I m respondsible for new member of the chicker board,''said music Sadam
Sadam is also there to receive money from new member for them to play on the chicker boad,''Im also respond to stop those that has not pay their memership feel from,''said Sadam. playing.The chicker group are there to look for the best chicker player from amount themself,The attheal shop leader find the best player by founding a chicker league. nhe best winner are given a prise and proving to all the attheal shop to be the champions.
The political group hold meeting chair by their chairment in other to solve problem faceing the atthea shop, the chicker group are there to make sure they have a leader to control the chicker board this person is respondsible for new member to play chick, that person are there to recieve money for new member and to stop those that are not registered from playing.
The football group are there to discuse about the footabll game the next game the pass game and furture game.the disscoustion of the game cause other who do not know about the foot ball game to learn abot the game.As the the discousion is going on if they can not come to one understanding the matter are sent to the political group to found a group and discouse about the matter.The group discousion are chair by one of the political group or any person who have knowledge.The loser of the discousion respondsible to buy cup of Attheal for all repersented in the discousion and pay small feel.

All of these group have one chairment which is the leader form the political group. The leader of the politicle group are there to hole member, recieve guest, and attend meeting out side relating to the atthea shop member, these liberian refuge have found the attheal shop into a club called the attheal club of buduburam, The attheal club do aslo invited other advance knowledgeable person to educated their member and other camp resident, The attheal club also bring out some inportain informantion subjection and inplemention inrelated the people of buduburam
The attheal shop was extable to incorage and interact with liberian refugee the attheal shop liberian rfugee come to incorrage them self throught chicker and to wish the foodball game that is been play round the world all the liberian refugee that come at the attheal shop are member of a football team these refugeee come at the attheal shop to support their team
when ever their team is been play manyof tese refugee have television at their house these refugee believe without looking at the game at the attheal shop their will not be happy they also come at the attheal shop to incorrage friend who do not have televission at home and hope the attheal shop have three group the polotical the chicker group and the football group these group interacton with each othe to prove and show love and to make friend


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Our financial strength, global reach, strong reputation and innovation enable us to expand in step with our customers worldwide, responding to their needs and the changing demands of local, regional and global markets.
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GAC takes full advantage of the diversity of our portfolio of services, our worldwide infrastructure, resources and expertise to deliver integrated solutions that result in time and cost efficiency. Sectors such as the oil & gas industry, in particular, benefit from GAC’s unique ability to offer a tailor-made service package covering ship agency, bunker fuels, project logistics, offshore logistics and more. Other sectors that can benefit from our wide range of services include cruise, dry bulk, automotive, FMCG, retail, technology, healthcare, sports, entertainment/events, projects, offshore, etc.
We know that you must first sow before you can reap. That’s why GAC has always believed in investment: in long-term relationships with our clients, partners, brand ambassadors and suppliers; in the technology and equipment to get the job done - and done well; and in training our people, as evidenced by the establishment of the GAC Corporate Academy in 2007.
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