Wednesday, 24 April 2013

green soil

pastor kollie a Liberian refugee in the buduburam camp that has long been wish to undergo arclturetraining school.pator kollie has have some difficultive in finding money to attain agricuture traing school as result to the difficuled living contition on the buduburam refugee camp,''It has been my praying to go to agriculture school because i love africulture most inprotain when it come to aminals raiseing,said pastor kollie.pastor kollie is a pastor and his pastoring can't offort him the money to learn at any of the agriculture training school.
pastor kollie church has close and all the church member has traveling by the (unhcr)united nation high commission for refugee repartuatuation to Liberia.pastor was bring people together and could not no more continue because the refugee camp is not stable, people could move at any time,''The problem the churchchesare having as people come to join the church with in one or two money they repartuate to LIberia,'' the person do not star long in the church then travel to liberia or the westan country.The consistance repatuation at the buduburam camp has cause pastor kollie do not want to continue founding church in the buduburam camp,''the church will continue to be enty if i continue to found the church said kollie
As pastor kollie was thinking on how to attain agriculture school an, organization call poin hope call pastor kollie to help sent him their their areculture school.Director of poin hope say the organization extable the agriculture school to help people who are in need of going to school,''I adintefire the student through my agans in the communities and recommandation form organization or institution said kuame said the Director poin hope.
pastor kollie is also runing a small agriculture farm at the buduburam refugee camp and wish to estand the agriculture farm to Liberia margibi.pastor kollie agriculture farm is called green soil.Green soil agriculture is located in ghana centeral region gomoe east. Green soil agriculture grow folling crops rice cassave yam petatoes and green vegetables.
green soil is also invovle in the raising of amimals such as rabbits pig's poultry and soin provide opportunity for those who are wising to get involve itn agriculture activities
the fish grow in our pond are tilapia and mud/catfish.Green soil grow both the long grain and short grains rice green soil lookard to other Ngo and individuals to help provided seed rice and working tols for farming.this will enable us to grow more farm produce green soil is not really into large farmer due to the following challenges no enough seed rice.
what green soil produceed is been use to help the poor,single pargent woman widows ophans and the need this us our vission green soil do not give it out for free but also sell some of the crops to maintain the farm and the workers.

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