Thursday, 11 April 2013


Togo is a small country in west Africa .I was on my way to Benni I was passing  through Ghana to  inter Togo border.As i  arrive at Ghana  border.I decide to change the  Ghana cides into Togo currency,As i was  changing my money to get really to cross the border I met one lady who told me that she want to cross me, According to the lady  she didn't wanted  those  boys at the Togo  bodes, call area boys to rub me of my money with all that i had in my beg.I refuse to let her cross me because i feel that i could control my own journey  I left the woman and join the people that was crossing the Ghana  border,As i arrive at the Ghana chick point the emigration there ask me to present my document which i did then they chick my document, After checking me i left them walk toward the Togo  side of the bodes. As i get to the Togo chick point they ask me for my document i give them the same document i present to the Ghana emigration chick point when the Togo emigration  look at my document  they  let me go I cross form there came out side i met the area bodes who told me they wanted to reach me in the time before some of their friend see me and rub me of my of what i had on me.but i also refuse.i really did not want for them to know that i have money on me.As i left them i walk to the big town.The town is where you can  take a motorcycle to get to the market and in the city .I wanted to continue my join to Benni but it was at noon to continue so i thought it necessary to sleep.I really did not have enough money on me to get a hotel at this place.  The only money i have was to take me to Benni and back to Ghana, Since i did not have money i decided to wait around to see some one who would help me with a room  to sleep.while waiting i saw two boys so i want to them to make friend with the two of them so they told me that they was not living far form that area.They told me that they was going to give me a place to sleep  for the nigh.i really did not want to go with these boys but they was signing very friendly,So i want out with then as we get to where they was living they told me this is our house.they want on to tell me to feel free i m now to a save i fell very free.i meet these boys by 6.30pm and i reach to their house by 7.00 pm.the house of these boys has only one outside room so the two boys toke me inside the room they told me to lie down on the bed and rest.As i was laying on the bed by 8.00pm i saw two other  boys came along with the two boys who give me the room to sleep  they ask me say what is the money i came with i told them i did not bring any money. As  soon i said it  one hold me by my shirt and hit me on my head and told me if i do not give them the money they was going to kill me right in the room.i star to beg but the more i beg the more they hit me on my head they also toke knit on my head saying is i do not give them the money they was going to kill me,so all the money i was had on me i  give it to them.i soon so as i give then the money they left my shirt and  they also toke my beg, and phone away and told me to get out of the room.They told me if i do not go they was going to harm me,I  left.them then i came to Nigeria bus  station, there i sleep tell  next day. The next day I  want to where they toke me, as get there i find another man so i try to let then know all that have happen but he told me he was owning the room and how he left one boy to sleep he his room.he told me he was going to fine out from the boy to see if it was he was the one.when he came back he brought one of the boys that rub me of my money.he ask me can this be the boy i said yes. when i saw the boy i was planing  to call the police.The people who was there told me not to call the police they was going to make sure the other boy who ran away with  my money be found the next day.I said no they told me if you call the police we will not have any thing do with it they also said by calling the police will not get the money back.They told me the police will only put the boy in prison.tell they get his other friend the people told me we want to let the man paid back your money.The people toke me to two other man.The man told me not to worry they are going to make sure i receive back all they took form me.I stay with them for two day.The only thing i notice when i was with them was,they was  speaking the same language,that i could not understand.these people toke me every where in the town.while with them if  i want to talk they will speak their languages and  if i try to tell the some of the people what has  happen they will say the boy say the man who toke the money ran with the money,I left with then tell every body in the town know the story but it was told them in their language  in differ way.After two day one of the man told me same they have taken all your money we want to help you with transportation so you can go  back to Ghana.because the place is difficult to be with out the next day they give me the transportation that would take me back to Accra Ghana

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