Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Liberian refugees continue to have unstable sleep of rest at the Buduburam refugee camp as result of the high Sun rare in Africa which effect Ghana .


Refugees continue to have uncomfortable sleep in their various Room and house at nigh and day.

This situation occurred as the result of their inability to levitate heart from their various homes. Refugee fines it difficult to reach their house at a high level when constructing or reconstructing it, because of the poverty situation they are going through.

The poverty situations in which Refugees find themselves cause their inability to get the right material doing  construction or reconstruction of their houses.As regard of  bad condition refugee  find it difficult to sleep at night and day after completion of the house.

 as the  sun shine increase in the day the more the heat become in the refugee houses.


 The heat has cause many refugee to seek out for fan in other to keep their houses cold at night and day.

Those refugees force it by sleeping at night and day as result of let  of farm suffer from noise and lung clot. The inabilities for refugees to breath enough air at night and day in their various home course them to have uncomfortable sleep of rest, Refugee build their house insect a way that they do not have enough air entering the house.

The house at the Buduburam refugee settlement don not have qualities window to support the free flow of air entering it. As the result of the heat many refugee has to struggle of getting Light in their house so that they can be able to use farm at night and day. Refugees believe by getting Light in their house will lead them to providing farm which will cause them to have save sleep.


Refugees that didn’t get farm at all have to leave their home to sleep out side night and day to get cold air. Other refugees whose have light in their house are star facing problem from the heat and sun as well. Those whose have light and farm continue to complain day and night as well, because their farm which was bought is not helping them at all.

According to Mr. David Kellie at the refugee camp when he bought the farm and toke it home it sport not lasting

The sporting of the fan derives from the inability for the farm to turn freely, due to the tackiness of the heat that derive from the sun. As the farm is bought and place in the room it’s spend 1month and then start to turn slowly and cause it to also plow slowly. many refugee understood that if they want to get farm in their house its don’t  have to be one (1) Refugee believe when the room is big it have to be three (3)to (4) when the room is small it have to be (2)to (3) many refugee can not afford to get this among of farm.


The heat  has also caused some refugees to flee into the bushes to get free flow of air. Refugees who went into the bushes to get free flow of air at day are came out with let of experiences. These refugee saw let of harmful things like snake, insert, and other harmful things crowing on them as they fall at sleep.

The condition refugee continue to have they star have hope and continue living on the Buduburam Refugee camp and also continue   to fright for change.

Joe W Brown believe the situation he is undergoing will not continue to happen but will one day end.

”, All that we are experiencing I want to believe God is doing this so that we can know what live is about






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