Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Refugee returning to liberian say No to the Ghana refugee board and Government of Ghana warning to stop selling their house, land.
All the warning from Government of Ghana and the refugee board Liberian refugee star continue to sell their house in buduburam.--refugee has no stable praise in selling their house,land. Refugee are selling house for 150 u.s and 200 u.s kofo believe moneythey are paying for the house is not too plenty as relating to the praise of house in Ghana. Liberian refugee are selling the house to ghana, Nigeria, Iverian, and selrelonian.james David, a Liberian refuge in buduburam camp, ''said this is the only way they are going to get money to puy things that they will need in liberia,''the money they unhcr is giving us while repatuating to liberian is not enough to buy what ever things I will need , ''said james. The unhcr is giving each refugee as the repartuate to liberian 150 u.s The refugees star to sell their land form 200 to 2013 The refugee board has warn those that are not refugee to stop buying house form Liberian refugee,''those that has bough house or land form liberian refugee are going to face problem,''those land and house are going to be taken away form them by the right owner,''said refugee board.the nigerian Iverian and selrelonian will not want to stop buying land form liberian refugee.the nigerian Iverian and selrelon believe liberian refugee camp is a good place to live for them trade in business.they say liberian refugee are good and open to them, then the citizen of Ghana.kofo awato and ghana said Ghana is hard to own land and house,''we are happy that the liberian refugee are selling their land to us as, they are going to their home liberian,''said kofo Awato.The cause of land and house in Ghana are hard for nigerian iverian selrelonian and Ghanaian to own.The house refugee are sellng has no face praise.The praise some refugee are selling house are 150 u.s and 200 u.s. This money is not too plenty for those that buying the land to paid,
jemmy does a selrelonian say the 150 and 200 u.s there are buying the house and land from Liberian in buduram,is not hard. The house refugee are sellng has no face praise. kofo awato beleive this is the oppornities for them to own house,''i have been whiching to own a house i believe this is the time,''said kofo. Nigerian, Iverian, selrelonian, Ghanaian, who are buying land form the buduburam refugee are not afried to buy these land and house form refugee returning to liberian.jemmer Doel a selrelonian think if the right owner come to get their land they are going to discouse with them to let them settle and make their business if not they are going to fine an other mean to solve the land problem,''i will let the owener if the land know i have know where to go if he say i shall leave,'' he is going to paid me for my house that i bought on the land, from the liberian refugee,''said jemmer a selrelonian .The Ghanaian, Iverian, Nigerian, Selrelonian, are yet to see any land owner coming to tell them about the land they are buying in the buduburam camp.
Buduburam refugee board, says although some Liberian refugees have built structures in the settlement with their own money,it would be impossible for the Government of Ghana or any other agency to compensate them for their house.
buduburam camp is private land and Liberian refugees are not entitled to make claims for compensation for house that hey have constructed.''he said refugees board clarified that the liberian refugees are not entitled to make claims for compensation for house that they have constructed,, ''he said
The refugee board clarified that the liberian refuees who bought land outside the original vicinity of the camp which was negotiatedfor them by both Government and the u N refugee agency (uNHCR),has the right to make claims for their house if they want to repatriate to refugge board was quick to warn though that it would be unlawful for refugees to lease or rent constructed buildings.''the land belongs to Government and it shouls therefore,not be sold or echanged for any purpose,''refugee board said.
in the wake of the ongoing UNHCR's ''promotional phase'' voluntary repatriation exercise or Liberian refugees,many have raised concerns that they would want to be paid or at least given some form or token for their buildings that they would leave here in buduburam.
James smith live in zone 8 with his family of four years and is considering returning to liberia in june2013.who is going to pay me for my investment into this house?my house has an inside toilet,bathroom,kitchen and a sitting room.I spent over $700 to put up this building And if i am leaving refugee board and UNHCR have to pay me back or I 'll sell it to someone.''The refugee board said very small number of houses that were given to some refugees free of charge by both Government and UNHCR when they arrived in Ghana in the early 1990s, most ot the building in buduburam and by extension the adjacent villages,were either built directly by the refugees themselves or were asked by land owners to pay fees for more then there year in advance.
The camp received a face-lift beginning in 2000kue to commitment of the refugees themselve and not because of any sustained financial support form any special groupings.retrning home,it remains to be seen how they go without their temporary safe homes in buduburam.

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